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Longing for some delicious homemade Jamaican cuisine. Look no further, Eat N' Good is here and ready to serve. Come and enjoy our small individual meal, which includes:

three (3) pieces of chicken

a side of your choice

a serving of fresh or steamed vegetables

Make awesome food dining your daily routine with Eat N' Good.

The Yo Prep Eats team has worked tirelessly to develop the best quality-Fried Dumpling and Festival doughs.

 FRIED DUMPLINGS AND FESTIVALS are considered must-have delicacies for all our family gatherings including birthdays, thanksgiving, graduations, and anniversaries. Adults and children alike enjoy fried dumplings and festivals with any meat or vegetarian substitutes. Additionally, Yo Prep FRIED DUMPLINGS AND FESTIVALS go well with warm beverages, such as tea (s), hot chocolate, and soups, and they can even be eaten itself.

Each ingredient, that our FRIED DUMPLING and FESTIVAL doughs contain, was carefully considered with the intention to satisfy all hunger needs, from peckish to starving, for the young, old, tall, short, student, professional, early birds, night owls, EVERYBODY.

These Jamaican doughs source products (Fried dumplings and Festivals) can be enjoyed by all, regardless of nationality. ALL THAT’S LEFT FOR YOU TO DO IS PINCH, SHAPE, AND FRY, OR JUST FRY!

 Yo Prep endeavours to allow families more time together, making memories over a scrumptious meal with less time labouring in the kitchen. Because we believe that a family that EATS and PLAYS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER!!


So, welcome to the Yo Prep culinary brand family, the brand that aims to bring joy and satisfaction, through our easy-to-follow steps process, which gives our customers the opportunity to entertain with confidence, whether you can chef-it-up or not. Yo Prep is convenient at your fingertips!! Saving you time, money, and avoiding the MESS!!


Join the family today, there is always room at our table.

Our goal is to produce delicious, ready-to-make food that removes the fuss and mess and is fun for the whole family to make!

We are making it easy and fun to share island heritage through the love of food that can be shared and enjoyed with family year-round and for any occasion!